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The “Chamber Harp” is a high quality 36-string lever harp, exhibiting excellent response and superb sound.  One feature of this harp, virtually unique in the lever harp world, is an extended soundboard—a feature generally available only in better pedal harps.  The soundboard is made of veneered select Sitka spruce, tapered from center to the edges, and from bottom to top.  The concert harp-style soundboard, coupled with concert harp strings, plated brass string eyelets which transmit better the sound to the soundboard, and fairly taut string tension contributes to a very full, mature harp sound.   The sound of the Chamber Harp exceeds many pedal harps in the mid to upper ranges.


The “Chamber Harp” has a unique style of design, which was common in older continental European harps, which has a straight fluted or faceted column, and a “ram’s head” style rounded front to the neck, above the top of the column.  We have felt that there is much overuse of the Celtic harp designs (with a curved column and column/neck, and often coming to a peak), and that it would be refreshing to offer an established, traditional design which has been virtually ignored in the harp world in the modern day.


Another important feature of the Chamber Harp is the amount of hand crafted work that goes into the construction.  We feel that you will not find a comparable amount of hand work in other lever harps—especially considering the price.  While certainly the Chamber Harp is suitable as a beginner’s harp, and lends itself well to transitioning to a pedal harp, we find that many customers purchase the Chamber Harp as an end in itself, because of its quality, superb sound, and beauty. 


Soundboard Inlays:  Celtic knot and soundboard border inlays.


The Chamber Harp is available in several different standard finishes—not colors obtained merely by using different colored stains, but finishes obtained using a variety of genuine, unstained hardwoods and hardwood veneers in their natural colors and textures.  For all finishes, the neck of the Chamber Harp is made of our own hard maple laminations.  The neck is then covered on the top and the sides with the hardwood veneer of choice for that particular instrument.  The body panels likewise are always made of hardwood birch laminate, and covered with the hardwood veneer of choice. The Chamber Harp knee block, base, column, and top side plates are made solely of solid hardwood in the wood of choice.  The soundboard is covered in select, book-matched figured maple veneer of our own production


We also offer extra aesthetic and decorative features for the Chamber Harp as options, such as, ornamental wood inlays, exotic woods, and custom touches upon request.


The Chamber Harp comes standard with a padded transport cover set, with both a top and a base cover which attach together.  Strap handles on both the top and base covers facilitate transport and loading.


Our new transport dolly works with the transport cover on or off the instrument.


Special Bubinga Chamber Harp

The standard finishes we offer for the Chamber Harp are as follows:  blond—curly maple, blond—birds-eye maple, birch, cherry, walnut, African bubinga, sapele, and zebrawood, though we would consider and have done other hardwoods or hardwood combinations.  We also do custom work on occasion.  Contact us if you have special desires or ideas.  Even with on our “standard” finishes, there is often some degree of latitude at no extra cost in the kinds of matching or contrasting woods that may be used in some of the “standard” body inlays, such as the back body corners, or the inlays that are at the bottom of each body panel.  We often work with customers to achieve color or wood combinations that they desire, and that will work well.  We invite you to peruse these options if you desire.  Photos of several finishes of the Chamber Harp with and without special options may be seen in our Photo Gallery








Birds-eye maple



Curly Maple














Chamber Harp Specifications:



The “trefoil” or three-leafed clover motif at the top of the column in the side plates has become somewhat characteristic of our harps.  However, upon special request, we have at times substituted a contrasting decorative wood carving in place of the “trefoil” motif.  People have sometimes asked about the symbolic significance of the clover or “trefoil” motif on our harps.  This design is simply decorative, and a traditional motif in European and Celtic designs.  This motif abounds in old stone carvings in European cathedrals, castles, and such.


6C to 1C,  36 strings



Soundboard Width:


Width at base:

Length (front to back):




46 lbs (Bubinga about 2 lbs more






Walnut Chamber Harp





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