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We manufacture and sell quality harp covers for many different popular harps as well as our own harps under the trade name Elegance Covers.”  (See photos below)





We have been making harp covers now, starting for our own harps, since 1999.  It has been a growth process, but continuing improvements have been such that our covers are now in high demand not just for our own instruments, but for many others as well, and may now be found not just in the United States, but in several other parts of the world.


The outside fabric of our covers is 1000DD Cordura® fabric, very durable, abrasion resistant, and water-repellant.  In earlier years, we made covers in both the “Burgundy” color as well as in “Forest Green.”  However, for many years now we have stuck with only the “Burgundy” color, which has now become our tradition.


For several years now, the liners for our covers have been made of soft and plush “Sherpa Fleece,” which is a synthetic lamb’s wool fabric.  We refer you to the photos at the bottom of this web page.









Cover Description





Covers for CAMAC Harps





Camac Korrigan (K-38)


Two-Piece Cover Set 



Camac Mademoiselle           


Two-Piece Cover Set



Camac Hermine


Two-Piece Cover Set



Camac Stivell


Two-Piece Cover Set



Camac EH-32 Electroharp


One-Piece Fully Enclosed



Camac EH-36 Electroharp


Development in Progress - Please Inquire



Camac Clio Pedal Harp set


Two-Piece Cover Set 



Camac Full Size Pedal Harp set (Athena, Atlantide)      


Two-Piece Cover Set 



Camac Full Size Carved Pedal Harp set (Trianon-Oriane)          


Two-Piece Cover Set .  Gold braid accent trim differentiates this cover set from the standard Camac full size (Athena-Atlantide) cover set, and is also a bit more ample to accommodate the thicker carved column of the Trianon and Oriane.



Covers for LYON & HEALY and SALVI Harps





L&H Prelude & Salvi Ana - Top Cover


Top Cover



L&H Prelude & Salvi Ana - Base Cover


Development in Progress - Please Inquire



Salvi McFall


Two-Piece Cover Set 



L&H Troubadour I


Two-Piece Cover Set 



L&H Folk Harp


One-Piece Fully Enclosed



L&H Style 30


Two-Piece Cover Set 



L&H Style 23


Two-Piece Cover Set 



L&H Style 14


Two-Piece Cover Set 



Covers for AOYAMA Harps





Aoyama 140


One-Piece Fully Enclosed



Aoyama 130


One-Piece Fully Enclosed



Musa pedal harp


Two-Piece Cover Set 



Other Harp Covers





Clark Irish Harp


One-Piece Fully Enclosed



Blevins Encore 34


Two-Piece Cover Set  - Please Inquire for Configuration and Price



Limerick Lap Harp


One-Piece Fully Enclosed - Please Inquire for Configuration and Price



Halelujah Harp


Two-Piece Cover Set - Please Inquire for Configuration and Price



Covers for PRATT Harps





Pratt Chamber Harp Top Cover


  (Or $350.00 for a new cover set including top and base covers.)



Pratt Chamber Harp Base Cover


  (Or $350.00 for a new cover set including top and base covers.)  Any new base cover ordered separately will have the opening in the very  bottom in order to accommodate our harp dolly.  See photos below.



Retrofit Existing Debutante or Chamber Harp top cover with 4 buckles to accept base cover, and including strap handles.


  This is for a top cover made before the base cover was available or standard.  Your existing top cover will be brought up to current standards, including buckles for attaching to the base cover, top strap handles and so forth. 


   Most of the harp covers we have making now for over 14 years have been in the “burgundy” color Cordura fabric.  But due to variations in dye lots in available Cordura fabric, we cannot guarantee an exact hue match between your existing “burgundy” top cover and a new base cover.  It will be of course as close a match as possible.  If your cover is in one of the very early unusual “forest green” Cordura colors, inquire first about availability—the price may vary in this case.  If your cover pocket does not have embroidery or logos, this can be accomplished at the time of modification.  The “PRATT” name and logo can be added if you desire at no cost.  Other custom embroidery will be priced depending on your desires.  Shipping of your existing cover to and from out shop will be the responsibility of the customer.




Retrofit Existing Chamber Harp or Empress  cover set to accommodate our new Harp Dolly.


   The PRATT transport dolly will work well with the cover set on the harp if the base cover has the opening on the very bottom of the base cover near the center of the back.   We strongly recommend also that the top cover have the strap handles on both sides of the top cover.


   Base covers made before the dolly made its appearance do not have this opening in the bottom, and will not work on the harp with the dolly.  This modification will redo the bottom of the base cover to provide this opening so it will work with the harp dolly.  This modification also will attach the strap handles on both sides of the top of the top cover near the knee block and column areas, and otherwise insure that your cover set is up to current standards.  Shipping of your existing cover to and from out shop will be the responsibility of the customer.




Pratt Debutante Top Cover


(Or $335.00 for a new set of top and base cover.)



Pratt Debutante Base Cover


(Or $335.00 for a new set of top and base cover.)



Pratt Princessa top and base cover set





Pratt Empress top and base cover set


(Empress base cover is the same as for the Chamber Harp)



Pratt Sprite cover


One Piece, fully enclosed




Custom Embroidery






Custom Embroidery of name or simple logo on cover zipper pocket


Several existing fonts are available for names, slogans, or initials, such as cursive, block letters, and others.  For a specific logo or image, customer provides artwork as a jpg file.  We must approve design for fit and our feasibility.



Elaborate Custom Embroidery on cover zipper pocket


Price quote will be given after consideration of your .jpg artwork




You may also inquire about a cover that we don’t yet have in our inventory, perhaps we may soon make patterns for a harp that you have—especially based on your inquiry.  We are interested in expanding our line of covers.


A cover for a harp not of our manufacture will not have our company name or logo on the pocket, just our cover trade name in the lower right corner.  You also see in the examples below other names or logos that we can have embroidered on the zipper pocket.





Harp Cover Photographs


Below are photographs of harp covers for our harps as well as for other brands we have made.  Some are custom, but most are from patterns that we have developed for many different harp models.  While as stated above we use Cordura fabric in the “burgundy” color, you will find differences in hue in these photos for two reasons: 1) different lighting and exposure conditions for each photograph, and 2) there are some differences in “Burgundy” hue from dye lot to dye lot when the fabric is manufactured. 



Above:  Chamber Harp cover (before base cover was available).  Base covers now are standard with all our harps having a two-piece cover set.


Above:  Custom two-piece cover set for a Wurlitzer Concert Grand Pedal Harp.  This cover set is typical of our pedal Harp cover sets, except for the gold accent braid, which is standard only on the Camac Oriane-Trianon cover sets.


Above:   Camac Mademoiselle Cover.


Above:  Typical one-piece fully enclosed harp cover.  All our one-piece covers are similar to the above cover, have carrying handles, as well as detachable shoulder straps.






Right:  Camac Korrigan-38 Cover set – Top Cover and Base Cover.  Except for the varying shapes and sizes, this is typical for all of our two-piece lever harp covers.



Above:  Sewing a harp cover on our Juki industrial sewing machine.



Above:  The plush “Sherpa Fleece” lining of our harp covers.




Above:  Bottom of Chamber Harp/Empress base cover.




Above:  Inside the Chamber Harp/Empress Base cover, showing fleece lining, and the opening in the back of the bottom to accommodate the harp dolly pin.



Above:  Chamber Harp Cover - Strap Handle in the column area on the left side.



Above:  Chamber Harp Cover - Strap Handle in the knee block area on the left side.



Above, Starting in the summer of 2013, all new Chamber Harp and Empress top covers have the opening flap on the column permitting one to reach in and hold the column when picking up the harp.  This feature is also standard on all our pedal harp covers.  The flap is closed with Velcro.



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