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The “Debutante” is a well finished, trim, beginning level lever harp.  This instrument has an eye-catching, unique design which is similar to, though somewhat simpler than the “Chamber Harp.”  It is also lighter, and a bit shorter.  It is intended for beginning harp students, though adult harpists can also play it with ease.  The fact that this harp has a good string tension with concert harp strings, along with a string spacing consistent with most standard pedal harps makes it very easy for a progressing student to transition from lever harp playing to a concert or pedal harp.   This instrument also has a veneered spruce soundboard, made in the same way as concert harps.  The soundboard, coupled with the  good string tension, and concert strings give the “Debutante” excellent sound for a lever harp.


This instrument comes in two different finishes.  The standard finish is natural blond or maple.  The body panels are veneered in a flamed or “curly” maple, and the body trim pieces are also of curly or figured maple.  This instrument also comes in a blond-darker contrast finish, where the column and top side plates are in a darker wood, such as walnut or cherry, most of the base and the knee block are in the darker wood, and where the body trim and body inlay pieces are also of the contrasting darker wood.  The neck itself is laminated in hard maple, the body panels are veneered in “curly” maple, and the center ply of the base is in hard maple.  This gives a striking appearance. 


As for all our instruments, the Debutante uses standard concert harp strings.  We install gut on new harps through the third octave.  Gut strings in the second or first octaves are available upon request. The Debutante comes with a padded cover set as standard.  Both top and base cover attach together, and  have sturdy strap handles to facilitate loading the instrument in a vehicle. 








Blond Debutante



Contrast,” or maple-walnut  Debutante




Debutante Specifications:





6C to 1C,  36 strings







Soundboard Width:




Width at base:





31 lbs









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