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Empress Pricing




The standard Empress has a suggested retail price of :




This purchase price includes:


Padded Top and Base Cover Set

Tuning Key

Owner’s Booklet

Extra Pair of Rubber Foot Pads for Rear Feet


We hope to soon have more Empress photos in the




Note:  Includes gut strings through 3rd Octave. Higher range gut strings available upon special request. The Empress may be purchased in natural walnut, cherry, African bubinga, zebrawood, birch, curly maple, birds-eye maple, sapele, or in some mixed combinations of hardwood.  Contrasting woods in back corner and bottom body trim pieces may be selected at no extra charge.  There is also no extra charge for selecting most colors of wood for the side strips.  All woods and combinations must be agreed to by the manufacturer.  Options below may be ordered individually, or in specially-priced option packages.  Includes key, & padded transport cover.


1. Side Strip corner bead inlays: 



2. Figured maple on back of wings:



3. Celtic knot soundboard inlay:



4. Soundboard border inlay:



(Both of the above inlays together:  



(instead of $248.00)

5. Side and back body panel inlays:



6. Trefoil or clover motifs around base




Note:  It is more economical to purchase the above Chamber Harp Options according to one of the following options packages.  Confirm with us or your dealer any particular feature you may desire.


Option Package 1  (#s 1-4 above):



Side strip corner bead inlays, figured maple on back of wings, and both soundboard inlays



Total cost of Instrument:






Option Package 2  (#s 1-5 above):



All of the options in package 1, plus body panel inlays



Total cost of Instrument:






Option Package 3:



All of the above options



Total cost of Instrument:




See below for photos of options listed above:


Below:  Side strip corner bead inlays (#1), and Celtic knot inlay (#3) on soundboard.  Harp is birds eye maple, with quilted maple side strips.


Below:  Side strip corner bead inlays (#1), portion of soundboard border inlay (#4).  Harp is bubinga finish.



Below:  Figured maple on back of wings (#2), and side panel body inlays (#5).  Harp is bubinga finish.



Below:  Back body panel inlays (#5).  Harp is bubinga finish.



Below:  Celtic knot soundboard inlay (#3), with soundboard border inlay (#4).




Below:  Lower portion of side body panel inlays (#5), and trefoil motif in base (#6)  Harp is bubinga with maple inlays.

Example of “Option Package 3.”






Below: Top of side strip corner bead inlays (#1), and top of soundboard border inlays (#4).  Harp is bubinga finish.




Below:  Side panel body inlays (#5), and side strip corner bead inlays.  Harp is sapele finish.



These suggested retail prices apply whether you purchase from one of our dealers, or Whether you may happen to purchase direct from us.   We recommend our several dealers as you contemplate your purchase.






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