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Harp Construction Photos



Completed Chamber Harp body assembled onto base, prior to finishing,

ready to fit to neck and column

Nearly completed neck and body.




Fabrication from scratch of a new replacement neck-column assembly

For a Lyon and Healy Folk Harp


Princessa neck and crown before finishing

Completed harp bodies and bases awaiting finishing.


 “Pretty maids all in a row . . .”



Princessa lever Installation and regulation.


Experimental ornamentation for Chamber Harp

Clamping on rear corners of body.


Affixing top veneer on a neck.

Glue up for Chamber Harp knee block


Knee block ready to carve


Knee block carving - 1


Knee block carving - 2

Knee block carving - 3

Knee block carving - ready for final sanding



Aleph:  Custom decoration on Chamber Harp

My Son David, the soundboard artist


(Click on the photo above for an example

of his work and how to contact him.)




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