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Chamber Harp Padded Cover


The Chamber Harp comes standard with a two-piece padded transport cover set.  The cover is made of tough, nylon “Cordura” fabric, and lined with thick, soft white fleece.  There is an inner protective layer of Cordura fabric on each side near the top to protect the fleece from the hardware and strings on the neck.  For several years now, all covers come with four buckles near the bottom edge to accept the base cover. 


If you have one of the covers as shown below (from before 2008) with the single strap and buckle underneath, and you wish to purchase the optional base cover, for a modest fee (in addition to the purchase price of the base cover) you may arrange to send your cover back to us so we may attach the four necessary buckles on the bottom to receive the base cover.  We will also attach the four “strap handles” on the top sides of the top cover.  Please see our “Covers” page under “Accessories.”


The Debutante, Princessa, and Empress harps also come standard with two-piece padded cover sets.





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