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Custom Walnut Chamber Harp



This Chamber Harp was constructed for a customer who wanted some special custom features, including a hand-painted soundboard.  As the soundboard was painted, there are no soundboard inlays, though the quilted maple side strips do have walnut inlays.  Note the thin curly maple inlays on the back corners and bottom edges of the body, which incidentally, is standard for any walnut Chamber Harp, to balance the maple corners visible on the top corners of the neck.  This customer desired a “grape” or vineyard theme. 


We will make every effort to accomplish custom work that you may desire, as we can ascertain and agree clearly what your desires are.



The above grape vine and grape cluster carving is a commercially available item in solid maple which we modified and improved for this harp.



Below:  This custom soundboard painting was done by Artist David Pratt, son of John Pratt. 


Click on the image below to see more detailed photos of the soundboard painting.  






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