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Additional Detail Photos of the Chamber Harp



Above:  Close-up photos of the optional Celtic design inlay in the soundboard.  The design is inlayed only to a depth equal to the veneer on the soundboard.    The interlacing of the design on each side of the soundboard is the mirror image of the other.  The inlays are 1/8” wide, and may be done as shown above using different colors of wood, or as a single color of wood.  We prefer the inlayed pieces to be of different colors, so that the interlacing effect is more visible. Above also are two examples of the optional figured maple wood that we have used as soundboard veneer.  Note also the different varieties of figured maple used for the side strips.



Above:  Close-up photo of one of our string eyelets on the fifth octave D.  We make them out of brass rod, which are then nickel-plated.



Above:  Enlargement of the side strip corner from the inlay photograph above, showing the quilted maple side strip, and the walnut corner inlays in the side strip.  Typically for a blond “Special” Chamber Harp, we use walnut or else bubinga for the soundboard and side strip inlays.  For a bubinga “Special” Chamber Harp, we use bubinga for the soundboard inlays, and curly maple for the side-strip inlays.



Above:  Top Column area of our “Centennial Harp,” which was our harp number 100.  This harp incorporated all of the optional features, including a combination finish of walnut and zebrawood.



Above:  Top Column area of a curly maple Chamber Harp, showing the figure in the capital plates at the top of the column.  This photo and the one at the left show the first version of the Camac lever handles.  The current lever handles are less bulbous and more sturdy







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