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The “Sprite” is a small, 22 string lap harp.  It uses concert harp strings, has the same tension as our other harps, and has the same string length for the same strings as in our other harps.  This harp is not simply a novelty, but in addition to being a small, more portable instrument, it may be used also for practicing or keeping your hands in playing when your pedal harp or larger lever harp is not available.   It is a more mobile harp for harpists who travel, and may be used for practicing, or for working out fingerings of difficult passages, in situations when it is simply not practical to have your pedal harp near.  The Sprite is fitted with two guitar strap buttons, one on the right of the knee block, and one on the bottom left of the base, thus enabling you to play this instrument while standing, or even while walking.  It includes also a very adjustable lap bar to enable you to better hold the instrument at the height you desire while playing the Sprite while seated.


This instrument incorporates our traditional “ram’s head” design, and has  the same quality of construction as our other harps.  The soundboard is still made of select Sitka spruce, and is veneered with attractive, figured maple veneer of our own manufacture. 


This instrument comes in virtually all of the different wood finishes of our other harps:  blond, birch, cherry, walnut, African bubinga, sapele, or possibly others.  The Sprite includes gut concert harp strings through the third octave, and nylon strings above that.  It comes in a fully levered version, or else in a partially levered version, with levers on all B, C, E, and F strings.


Accessories provided with the Sprite






Sapele Sprite


Sapele Sprite from rear, showing the lap bar.  (Note:  the lap bar and shoulder strap will not typically be used together.)



Two views of a Walnut Sprite




Blond Sprite


Walnut and Sapele Sprites


Playing the Sprite with the shoulder strap while standing


Wood samples for the Sprite:









Curly Maple







Sprite Specifications:




Soundboard Width:

Width at base:

Length (front to back)::


4C to 1C,  22 strings





13 lbs (Bubinga about 1 lb more.  Add also about 1 lb for lap bar)






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